Friday, April 16, 2021
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    The misogynist within: calling ourselves out

    TW: Mentions of sexual violence "Rather than teaching men that to assault is wrong, society teaches women to do all they can to avoid it." Flora Dyson unpacks the phenomenon of internalised misogyny and questions how we can tackle it.
    Red River High School discussing sexual assault

    The continued failure to tackle rape culture within schools

    "It is overlooked that everyday experiences of sexism are the norm for female students. This normalisation enables sexual assault to be depicted as exceptional - this must be challenged."

    ‘Buying Myself Back’: Emily Ratajkowski and the Male Gaze

    "When the feeling of self-consciousness and visibility is synonymous with experiences as a woman, this opens the door not only to doubting your own credibility, but to allow others to also doubt it for you."

    Approaching sexual assault on screen: The triumph of I May Destroy...

    Coel reminds us that sexual assault is not always staring down at us from a bathroom stall. Sexual assault can be quiet, even subtle. Sexual assault can live hidden, unnamed in memories for years.

    An Apology to my Rapist

    I’m sorry for having a bottle of wine,Who knew red with dinner was crossing a line,And for drinking vodka whilst sat in the bar,Was...

    Let’s not be complacent: sexual violence is everyone’s responsibility

    The truth is that someone can be a nice guy, a soup kitchen volunteer, a stranger or a trusted female friend, and still inflict violence on another person.

    Opinion – The Staff Student Relationship Rules Need to Change

    TW: Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, child pornography ‘Would you like a date?’ my tutor asked me plainly as our tutorial drew to a close. Stomach dropping...

    The University Sexual Violence and Harassment Support Service is advising students...

    Oxford’s Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service is quietly providing advice to students who have been accused of sexual misconduct.  On its student advice website,...

    Christ Church dean accused of mishandling child sexual assault case

    Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, has been accused of failing to correctly report the sexual assault of a minor. Percy, embroiled in a...

    Review: Measure for Measure

    In Measure for Measure, one of Shakespeare’s problem plays, Vienna is depicted as a city of vice and perdition, such that the situation seems...