Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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    Little Giveaways

    "Jazz was being played over the stereo like theme music, as if they were acting in a television drama where each character had some essential trait, some crucial role."


    "From a space we might call "above", an Entity watches - gargantuan, unfathomable, other."

    A Quick Trip Far Away

    "One summer, a summer which now seems to have passed by long ago, I slept and dreamt for the first time on the mainland."

    21st Century Midas

    ‘There is a blue café,’ she says hesitantly. ‘And it rains all the time in the blue café, yet no one quite realises, and the cakes are going soft and the cups overspilling. Buried in the cakes are coins and so they keep ordering – fat little muffins, iced buns, lovely pastries – to stuff themselves – ’

    Forgive me, Katherine Mansfield, for I have sinned.

    "The essay I would go on to write, and, reader, the article I had drafted and readied for this very publication, would, I see now, have Mansfield, alongside pretty much every other writer of fiction, willing to cross both space and time in order to beat me around the head with a copy of Crime and Punishment."

    The Masque of the Red Death: Reading our way out of...

    Edgar Allan Poe wrote his short story, the Masque of the Red Death, after his wife had been diagnosed with the then-incurable disease, tuberculosis....

    Dispatches: ‘Marooned between past and present, not here’

    A short story of everyday escapism, by Izzy Smith

    Anything but a simple fairy-tale

    Ebere Nweze is impressed by this unnerving and sharp new adaptation of Wilde’s short story

    Fiction: “Alone it is far harder to imagine”

    Alexandra Illingworth explores the poignancy of growing up with a fraught sibling relationship

    You fucked her and now you’re fucked

    Prose by Cameron Finlay about the kind of discourse that follows a life-altering accident