Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Student societies’ links to BP revealed

Following on from the recent report published by the Oxford Climate Justice Campaign uncovering the links between Oxford and the fossil fuel industry, Cherwell...

Winners of Oxford’s Beyond Boundaries competition announced

"It was a great opportunity for us to highlight the incredible researchers of colour in the Division and to show young people that they can be scientists too."

A Love Letter to Living With Scientists/An Apology to My Housemates

'I am not sure what broke me. I think it's a close tie between the discussion around NaCl when I asked for the salt to be passed down the table or when someone genuinely asked the group what their favourite way to measure the centre of mass was.'

University hosts week of events highlighting diversity in STEM

The events aimed to explore the intersection between sex, gender, disability, sexuality, and race in STEM

Science is not just for boys

What are the origins of the gender gap in Stem subjects at Oxford?

Oxford University is a risky investment

Michael Shao debates whether he would add the University of Oxford to his hypothetical portfolio of investments