Friday, April 16, 2021
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    Review: Anthroposphere

    Every aspect of our lives has become linked to the climate change dialogue in some way, whether it be the food we eat, the clothes we buy, or the companies we support. The general public is growing more and more aware to how climate change impacts our lives at all levels.

    Review: Cuntry Living

    Cuntry Living is a free termly zine which invites any gender, race, class, sexuality, or background to submit contributions which speak out against the oppression, subjugation and degradation of women
    A group of figures stand above a dead body.

    Review: The Reunion(?) – ‘a subversive new take on the classic...

    The Oxford Revue's latest show builds up to a brilliant punchline
    A person lies on a blanket in a field of flowers looking down towards the camera

    Review: (The Wings of the) Seagull – ‘leaves you frozen’

    This one-actor show from mealspiel easily wins over its audience, with laugh-out-loud moments interspersed with stomach-churning horror.

    Preview: Your Little Play – ‘your life is defined by the...

    A piece of new writing about sexual misconduct and power feels particularly timely as it heads to the Pilch in 4th week.
    A group of students standing and kneeling in different-coloured jumpers.

    Preview: My Mother Runs in Zig-Zags – ‘shapes the lived experience...

    A poetic performance about migration, war and family, with an all-BAME cast and crew, heads to the North Wall in fifth week
    A woman and man stand facing each other with a clock in the background.

    Review: What Comes After – ‘one of the most effortlessly flowing...

    Wonderful set design, music, and performance make for a beautiful new song cycle by Máth Roberts
    A woman sits with bandages covering her entire face

    Review: Bandages – ‘hard-hitting and unromanticised’

    With visceral imagery and effective multi-roling, Radical Attic Productions' darkly feminist show explores the inheritance of abuse