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Solar and wind energy could fulfill energy demand 10-fold, Oxford study finds

Oxford's Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment has unveiled research that indicates that wind and solar power could not only meet but vastly...

Some habits die hard: the truth about Oxford’s Coffee Culture

The baristas in Cornmarket Pret know my coffee order on sight. My friends rarely see me without a strong black Americano in hand. You...

Making Out in Mesopotamia: kissing older than previously thought

Kissing may be a thousand years older than was believed, a new study conducted by the universities of Oxford and Copenhagen suggests.  The study dates...

The not-so-definitive ranking of Oxford study spots

I won’t lie, I’m not really one for libraries, I find them too quiet (I am well aware they are supposed to be quiet) and too formal; I usually spend the majority of my time on my phone and the rest of the time wondering if the person sat behind me is judging me for being on my phone.

Oxford study finds minimal link between social media use and adolescent life satisfaction

Researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) have revealed their findings from an eight-year study of 12,000 British teenagers into the impacts of social...

Oxford study suggests loss of learning as a result of lockdown

A study conducted by researchers at Oxford Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science (‘Learning Inequality During the Covid-19 Pandemic’) has revealed that primary school children...

New Oxford study claims mortality rates rise for gamblers

"A study published by Oxford reveals that high levels of gambling are associated with a 37% increase in mortality."

In conversation with Jonathan Wilson

"There’s no reason other than snobbism not to study it in the way you would study theatre or music or literature.”

Oxford study reveals the effect of lockdown on disadvantaged children

A recent study run by five leading UK universities, including the University of Oxford, suggests that the development of young children from disadvantaged socioeconomic...

Study music: ambience over annoyance

Jazz, techno, or lo-fi hip-hop beats, Emmaleigh Eaves asks what music best gets you into a productive zone and why...

Making Your Home Space Your Own

The world around us is changing at an alarming rate, forcing many of us to rethink our plans for the next few months. With these changes...

A Letter To: My tute partner

Daaniel Issaq Chaudhry gets real about 'that' tute partner

Crinkled plate may be new method for weight loss

A new crinkled plate, designed by graphic designer Nauris Cinovics at the Art Academy of Latvia, has been suggested as a method of weight loss and reduced food intake

Study launched to reduce Oxford city centre emissions

The £30,000 study will look at whether petrol and diesel vehicles should be banned from the city centre by 2020

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