Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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    Students reject move to end the wearing of scholars’ gowns

    Students vote heavily against the proposed ban in OUSU poll

    Opposition to scholars’ gowns detracts from a meaningful discussion about inequality

    Thomas Munro argues that support for the new OUSU motion is born out of envy, not a desire for real change

    OUSU launches student consultation on scholars’ gowns

    Consultation by OUSU regarding the wearing of scholars' gowns in exams opens today

    Scholars’ gowns are imposing and divisive. They must go

    Tilda Agace, Isobel Cockburn, and Taisie Tsikas argue for exams without visual symbols of division and superiority ahead of an OUSU poll this week

    Torpids, trashings, and other traditions

    Mia Millman discusses strange Oxford traditions and how they impact students and outreach

    Scientists fight prejudice in gowns

    Petition suggests all wear commoner's gown to avoid prejudice