Monday, March 8, 2021
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    Surrealism on film: Fellini and ‘Juliet of the Spirits’

    Everyone’s going a bit crazy these days. I, for one, am happy to admit that the last few months have been quite bizarre, and...

    Murakami’s ‘Killing Commendatore’: where art can transport you

    Murakami’s Killing Commendatore got me thinking about art within literature. We can easily find examples of literature within art: Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Millais’ Ophelia,...

    Dora Maar and the Everyday Strange

    The women of the Surrealist movement have suffered a curious case of the feminine shadow, what could be termed Muse Syndrome. Often, their biographical and artistic legacies have been dogged by their associations to prominent male surrealists; the result, an awkward and myopic epitaph.

    Dream Worlds

    Marc Chagall's ethereal landscapes

    Snapshot: Salvador Dali and the legacy of surrealism

    Jasmin Yang-Spooner discusses Salvador Dali's development of the Paranoiac Critical Transformation Method and the legacy of surrealism