Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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    Automatic Facial Recognition – A gaping hole in data privacy legislation?

    As technology advances, we lose track of the vast amounts of data being stored and our ignorance prevents us from protecting our data in the future.

    5G mast to be built in Oxford

    This past week, the Oxford City Council approved Cornerstone’s plan to build a 5G mast on the corner of Old Road and Windmill Road,...

    Oxford startup wins global prize for female entrepreneurship

    "We are delighted and honoured to be selected as a winner from such truly outstanding and inspiring women-led deeptech companies from all over the globe. "

    Eyes Wide Open: How Stanley Kubrick saw humanity

    Deep in idyllic Hertfordshire, in the last quarter of the last century, there lived an uncompromising genius. The director Stanley Kubrick was...

    Face to Face // Screen to Screen

    If there’s one thing a national lockdown has given me, it’s time. Weekly screen-time reports never fail to astound me – minding...

    Oxford backs COVID-19 tracking study

    The University has announced that it will be supporting a new government study to track coronavirus in the general population.

    A country without libraries: what we are missing

    You might think that working in a library would be a nice, peaceful job. That’s what I thought too. After spending two...

    Technology in Confinement

    In July of 1962, French cave explorer Michel Siffre took off his watch and descended into the Scarasson abyss. What had been...

    How Life in Lockdown is Preparing us for Smart Cities

    Empty London buses follow the usual circuits on clear roads, like Scalextric cars. Churches take to streaming Sunday service. Students, uncertain about...

    Folding@Home: the virtual fight against a global pandemic

    As we all isolate at home in the middle of this outbreak, it is difficult not to feel powerless. We are not...