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Review: ÜnkelGårf

Planning a holiday soon? Why not visit the prosperous, democratic and perpetually joyful nation of Orgislavia? They’ve hosted the Olympics for hundreds...

Review: The Entertainer

"Stage Wrong’s performance draws us into the dysfunctional, haunted world of the Rice family and insightfully pulls apart their fractures." Alice Williams reviews The Entertainer at Keble O'Reilly.

Review: The Pillowman

Martin McDonagh’s jet black comedy is brought to life (and sentenced to a gruesome death) by Tom Fisher...

Review – “Nell Gwynn”

University College Players capture the extravagance and obscenity of Restoration London in their production of Swale’s 2013 comedy

Ishtar preview -‘Nothing if not entrancing’

An excellently engaging gloss of an intriguing archaic myth

Crocodile preview – ‘This is going to be properly funny’

Nitrous Cow look set to provide a rip-roaring comedy follow-up to their sold out debut 'Lovesong' last term

The Jungle review- ‘an incredible, heart-wrenching story’

Lucy Miles is left awe-struck and moved by the story of a Refugee camp in the Young Vic's new play, The Jungle
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