Sunday, February 28, 2021
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    Review: Nutcracker

    As a child, ballet lessons made me wince in pain, but two-and-a-half hours of The English National Ballet’s The Nutcracker passed in the blink...

    The Death of Theatre Monarchy

    It’s January 2020 and a new controversy has arrived to add to the Britain’s collection. Popular discussion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s exit from...

    Acting Directly: Zoe Lafferty

    Zoe Lafferty, according to the Daily Mail, is “absolutely one-sided” and “leaves no doubt where her sympathies lie.” The first part may be a...

    Ten Politically Inspired Books to Read in 2020

    The last three years of politics are enough to make a person want to do some Malcolm Tucker-esque screaming into the void. You can’t...

    Pantomime: does it still deserve a place on the modern theatrical...

    Emily Capon argues that pantomime (when done well) still has an important place in the modern theatre.

    A theatrical Utopia?

    Emily Capon explores explores the possibility of a Utopia of ‘no-where’ on the stage.

    Profile: Zoë Wanamaker

    The actress on beginnings, theatrical lifelines and the deliciousness of language

    Review: Life of Galileo

    Didactic elements of Brecht's biographical play are highlighted by Velvet Vest Productions.

    Review: Me, as a Penguin – ‘bound to put a smile...

    A review of the heartwarming comedy by Pangolin Theatre Productions

    Prometheus Unbound – An ancient tragedy in open air performance

    "This performance breathed a fresh, modern dynamic to an otherwise static play". Phoebe Athena Hennell explores the implications of language in a Modern Greek performance of Aeschylus' ancient tragedy 'Prometheus Bound'. With contributions from Andreas Janssen.