Monday, September 20, 2021
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    Review: “Orestes”//Oxford Greek Play @ the Oxford Playhouse

    "The intense and nuanced performances, the queasy mix of fear and fury palpable with a small glimmer of hope, made Oxford’s Orestes a very capturing play." Marietta Kosma reviews The Oxford Greek Play's production of Euripides' tragedy "Orestes".

    Review: Romeo and Juliet at the National Theatre

    "Why stage Romeo and Juliet a year into a global pandemic? Godwin’s primary response to the pandemic appears to be the focus on touch in the production: it reminds us of the power of human contact, and the depth of feeling that can only be experienced in person." Katie Kirkpatrick reviews the new National Theatre production of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

    Friday Favourite: Revolutionary Road

    If I were to tell you that this novel is great because it’s ‘mesmerising’ and ‘powerful’ and ‘you simply can’t put it down’, you...

    Review: Shadows of Troy

    Translating and adapting two Greek plays and then squeezing them into one production was an ambitious undertaking, but Shadows of Troy has pulled it off. The...

    The Difference Between a Burnt Roof and 250 Dead

    Why tragedies outside the West don't seem to matter.
    A painting of Antigone condemned to death, surrounded by people having collapsed on the left of the painting

    The Crisis of Creon

    'Peripeteia', reversal of fortune, for Sophocles' Creon in 'Antigone' is a wincingly fatal consequence of his tragic decision.

    ‘She is the one controlling the play’- Rufus Norris’ Macbeth

    Norris’ production is a moving theatrical piece that allows Lady Macbeth to be the puppeteer she has so desperately always wanted to be.

    RSC Macbeth Review: ‘technical wizardry fails to bring any tension or...

    Dodgy directoral decisions and acting leaves one foreseeing a dark future for this unconvincing RSC production

    RSC Hamlet Review – ‘This is simultaneous creativity and destruction. To...

    John Livesey reflects upon the Basquiat elements of this perceptive RSC production

    Getting to grips with the adult cartoon craze

    Christopher Goring is stunned by the maturity of modern cartoons