Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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    Trinity in the time of pandemic

    Scraping dredges of hummus with my last-but-one piece of flatbread, my first year at Oxford ended with an anti-climatic sigh as I clicked ‘send’...

    Trinity JCR rejects Plush accessibility donation

    Christ Church also voted down a motion to donate to the #PlushForAll campaign last week.

    Trinity’s Welfare Turmoil

    Trinity's attempt to tackle systemic welfare concerns have been met with complaints.

    Trinity building proposal approved despite Bodleian opposition

    Bodleian staff noted concern that the Weston Library would experience a "reduction in light" and an "increase in noise"

    Rock, Soul, Techno – Trinity has it all

    Arthur Charlesworth runs through the highlights of Trinity term's music scene

    Upcoming Trinity Theatre – a guide

    Cherwell Theatre takes a look at the most exciting shows for the term ahead

    How to: Survive Trinity

    It's not just about revision – it's about relaxing, recuperating and resting too

    ‘Entitled’ Trinity students deaned for halfway hall raucousness

    There were similar reports of debauchery at Keble’s halfway hall event

    Trinity triumph in Handball Cuppers final

    Moritz F. Adam reports on a deserved Trinity victory

    Trinity freshers drunk and chanting during matriculation

    First-years asked to donate £10 following “disgraceful behaviour” during ceremony