Sunday, September 19, 2021
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    The Nordic Inheritance and the Power of Myth over the Modern...

    For a historian who has made every effort to avoid studying the early history modules, Prime Video’s Vikings was perhaps a surprising viewing choice....

    Eagerly Anticipating: Sex Education Series 3

    "I am desperately hoping Sex Education returns as planned in January – we don’t need any more bad news this year."

    Reviving my Childhood – Avatar: The Last Airbender

    The year was 2005 and at the time, it was just another Nickelodeon show I’d force my sister to sit through with me. But it quickly became more than that,

    Percy Jackson and The Failed Adaptation

    If you think you received scathing feedback in your tutorials, you should check out Rick Riordan’s emails to Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The...

    Funny before Fleabag- the best flawed female sitcom characters

    Although seemingly it is a truth universally acknowledged, we need to reiterate that Fleabag was one of the best sitcoms broadcast in years. From its three-dimensional...

    The Virtues (2019)- Review

    It may seem an overstatement, but I truly believe that Shane Meadows’ This is England saga is one of the greatest contributions ever made to British culture....
    A board displaying the face of an actress from the television show Sex Education.

    Sex Education review: exuberantly explicit

    It refuses to conform to the tiring tradition of sugar-coating anything that sits outside the realm of the PG-13