Friday, July 30, 2021
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    Is Oxford responsible for an anti-vaxxer?

    "Twitter has shown themselves to be better arbiters of truth than Oxford University."

    Chinese diplomats’ Twitter use analysed in Oxford study

    The report claims that China has “significantly expanded its online public diplomacy efforts”.

    Science Snippet: Analysis of COVID-19 symptoms on twitter

    "Researchers from the University of Utah examined twitter posts from early April 2020 (and) found references to 36 other unique symptoms, including 3 898 cases of the now well documented symptom of loss of taste."

    Shadow banning and its role in modern day censorship

    "Shadowbanning is a threat to us because it maintains for us the illusion of control."

    Twitter founder invests in Oxford laundry start-up

    Oxwash, the high-tech Oxford-based laundry start-up, has secured a £1.4 million funding injection to aid with expansion.  The investment, announced at the start of May,...

    Oxfess Wars: Fun, Harmful, or just plain Boring?

    Most Oxford students’ lives right now are defined by uncertainty. Will we be faced with an online Michaelmas as well as Trinity? When will we be able...

    Blind Spots and Vigilantism: Learning from the ghosts of recent pandemics...

    ‘I refute the claim that news cannot be made directly relevant, engaging, and motivating wherever it happens.’ Francesca Butt warns us against the blind spots in our media coverage and tells us what we can learn from online outrage.

    OUP Twitter calls out Indian opposition leader’s ‘fake’ screenshot

    Rahul Gandhi suggested his neologism 'Modilie', a portmanteau of opposing candidate 'Modi' and 'lie' was in the Oxford English Dictionary

    Oxford academics to help Twitter tackle hate speech

    The move comes as a response to criticism that Twitter has taken a soft approach to hate speech and harassment