Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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    The college system defines the Oxford experience – it must remain...

    Maxim Parr-Reid argues that a college was his first and only way to make sense of Oxford

    Louise Richardson: “Do I think Oxford will be number one in...

    Interview: Oxford vice chancellor Louise Richardson tells Will Dry that she won’t let tussles with media silence her on free speech

    University democracy “hasn’t been working well”, says Louise Richardson

    The vice-chancellor criticised University staff for their "self-interest" and for being uninterested in university democracy

    Richardson’s indefensible pay is a product of the marketisation of education

    The vice chancellor's £350,000 salary betrays a worrying trend in higher education that sees bureaucrats rise while academics fall.

    Oxford Reacts: The Vice-Chancellor’s Comments

    After the Vice Chancellor's comments from earlier in the week, we bring you the personal perspectives from in and around campus

    Richardson stands firm in homophobia row

    Oxford SU demands a public apology as Richardson claims her comments were "misconstrued"

    Oxford SU “angered and dismayed” by vice-chancellor homophobia comments

    Richardson, who earns £350,000 a year, said that it wasn't her job to make students "feel comfortable"

    Louise Richardson attacks “tawdry politicians” over tuition fees

    Vice-chancellor accuses media and politicians of damaging the UK higher education sector

    New College bursar slams Louise Richardson’s “grossly excessive” pay

    The New bursar said it was "hard to see value for money" in the Oxford Vice Chancellor's £350,000 salary