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Blasted: Sarah Kane’s Vision Today

Trigger Warnings- Rape and Violence Sarah Kane’s first play, Blasted, begins with the ageing Ian grooming his young girlfriend...

Spectacle of Suffering

Representations of violence and torture used to be an integral part of enforcing the social order - but in a world of uncensored live streams and graphic media content, has our attitude to atrocity really progressed - or does it remain an unacknowledged dark obsession of mankind?

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom: The Pornography of Power

"Pasolini uses the language and imagery of obscenity in order to shock, but if not shocked, we would only be indifferent."

On the Inside

Drugs, money, and violence are at the centre of Britain’s prison crisis

Let’s Talk About: Incels

A brief guide to the alt-right's answer to a lonely hearts club