Monday, September 20, 2021
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    What Makes A Great Writer: A Biblio-Biography

    'What makes a great writer? Practice, of course, and undoubtedly that unique spark called talent or inspiration. But as every writer, great or otherwise, knows, the whole business of writing is built on reading.'

    Student Profile: Luke Bateman

    Joining this zoom call, Luke is sat in his childhood bedroom with a bookcase overflowing in the background. Luke immediately starts chatting and smiling,...

    Journals or diaries? The value of inward reflection

    The boundaries between diary and journal are blurry, with the terms frequently being used interchangeably. Little attention is paid to the differences between the...

    Thoughts on Literary Awards

    Literary awards and prizes have been around for centuries, with the first British Award for Literature established in 1919 (The James Tait Black Memorial...

    Magazines: a media migration

    In a world where relaxation takes the form of 6 second Vines and temporary Snap stories, and where we are used to having our entire culture and news filtered through to us in carefully curated 280-word tweets, how can traditional print press compete?

    Spectacle of Suffering

    Representations of violence and torture used to be an integral part of enforcing the social order - but in a world of uncensored live streams and graphic media content, has our attitude to atrocity really progressed - or does it remain an unacknowledged dark obsession of mankind?

    Why I Didn’t Tell Anyone I Wrote A Book

    Your biggest successes are often your biggest weaknesses, or even secrets.
    A pen, held mid-way through writing a sentence.

    Why do we write?

    We write for ourselves, for the reader, and for wider society.  And I think that’s probably a good enough reason to write an article for Cherwell.

    Reversed: A Memoir

    'One of the striking points the memoir illustrates is the level of abuse children with learning disabilities face, from teachers and others' says Kurien Parel

    Daemon Voices Lecture Review – Two generations share the same world...

    Pullman and Rundell make for an oddly cohesive pair at their talk in Blackwells.