Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Tag: anti-racism

As a Palestinian NUS delegate, I say that tolerance of antisemitism...

Anas Dayeh discusses the scourge of antisemitism within the NUS and beyond, and advocates standing with Jewish students in the face of prejudice.
Caritas, from the Organisation Asylum Welcome holds a sign sying “Climate refugees welcome” and wears an organise T-shirt saying “I STAND WITH REFUGEES”. She stands in front of Carfax tower and there are three other protestors in the background.

Protest against Nationalities and Borders and Nationalities Bill

The Organisation Oxford Stand Up to Racism had announced the protest.

Protest marks one year since murder of George Floyd and calls...

"The protest marked the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd and criticised Oriel College’s decision not to take down the High Street Statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes."

Colour me this: a personal perspective on racism across cultures

It’s true, no one is born a racist but the cruelty of a racist system is that the moment you inhale, you become a...

The UN Anti-Racism Day protests in Oxford in photos

"The goal of the protest was to 'come together united against racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and fascism [and] stand in solidarity with refugees and migrants to send a powerful message to those in power that racism will be defeated.'"
Anti-racism protestors in London stand holding 'say no to racism' signs.

Anti-racism workshops aren’t a waste, they’re essential

CW: racism. Stories about Oxford and the various policy decisions its constituent colleges make periodically find their way into the national press.  I did not,...

University’s response to racism leaves students “disappointed” and “distrustful”

Oxford students have criticised Oxford University’s response to racial inequality and injustice, in light of worldwide protests against police violence and systemic racism. The...