Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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    Oxford Union bans blind member ejected from debate

    Following the Oxford Union’s No Confidence Debate, in which one member was expelled from the Union chamber after a disagreement with staff, the Oxford...

    LMH hosts Brookes ball days after bop ban

    The college hosted an Oxford Brookes society's ball, despite banning bops days before

    Wadham trials smoking restriction in Trinity

    Wadham joins St Hugh's, St Edmund's Hall, and other colleges in limiting or banning smoking on campus

    Exeter would be right to ban smoking, and other colleges should...

    Everyone has the right to clean and fresh air in their home, writes Emily Patterson

    Smokers need freedom, not permission

    Smokers are more considerate to others than often thought, and want nothing more than to be left alone, according to Ethan Croft

    Thousands protest Trump’s travel ban in Oxford

    The protesters marched with anti-Trump signs from Cornmarket Street to Magdalen Bridge

    Merkel’s ‘burqa ban’ shows she’s in trouble

    Myfanwy Craigie questions why Angela Merkel has turned away from her liberal routes with her recent proposal of a 'burqa ban'