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“Well-behaved women seldom make history”: Hills, Poetry and Protest

At Joe Biden’s inauguration I, along with the rest of the world, watched Amanda Gorman reignite a marriage of unparalleled power: poetry and politics....

Shadow banning and its role in modern day censorship

"Shadowbanning is a threat to us because it maintains for us the illusion of control."

Instagram and BLM: Is it better to say the wrong thing or nothing at all?

The oppression of human lives is not a trend, and should not be treated as such

The Long Shadow of Edward Colston

'Colston is far from sunk; Rhodes' hold on Oxford is similarly far from fallen.' 

Opinion – Why the use of police horses needs to stop

Vera Nibbs’ 104th birthday was charmingly marked by a special visit from mounted officers. She was allegedly thrilled by Norfolk’s placid and beautiful police...

From me to you: Jewish solidarity with BLM

CW: Discrimination, Antisemitism, Racial Abuse It is no secret that the United Kingdom has a widespread problem with systemic racism. The protests of the last...

South Asians and the BLM movement: Standing up for Fellow POC

TW: Racism As a POC (British Indian), I have had my fair share of racist comments. Luckily for me, most of them have been pretty...

The Right to Breathe & The Suffocation of Black Lives

"I can’t breathe." These were the chilling final words of George Floyd, spoken with Derek Chauvin’s knee pressed to his neck. Despite George Floyd becoming...

Opinion – The Tautology Of Police Brutality: What Is Really At Stake

There is a lot of noise surrounding the unlawful murder of George Floyd and the murders of countless George Floyds, Ahmaud Arberys, and Breonna...

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