Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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    The State of Our Plates Post-Brexit

    Speculating about the future of food after we leave the European Union

    Riding into the Record Books

    British road cyclists seek to defend their titles after a dominant few years in the Grand Tours

    Britain is too desperate for affection

    If Britain wants to be treated with respect, it needs to stop whining about a 'special relationship'

    The beach and the Bod

    Online culture bridges geographically divided identity.

    Our prudish British culture means the death of good sex

    The UK’s approach to sex education is dated and dangerous

    The shameful truth about Churchill

    Despite Winston Churchill's major role in one of the greatest famines in the history of mankind he is still unduly lauded by the British people

    Oxford defends don accused of “whitewashing” the British empire

    Nigel Biggar had argued we should “moderate our post-imperial guilt”

    Don’t separate black history from British shame

    Naomi Packer argues that Black History Month should serve as a reminder of Britain's sordid past

    Houghton Festival 2017 Review

    The brand new Houghton Festival impresses, delights and transcends the music it focuses on all together.

    Is May’s snap election in the national interest or political opportunism?

    Facing tough Brexit negotiations, electoral fraud investigations, and popular Labour policy, May has moved to consolidate Tory dominance