Friday, April 16, 2021
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    Colourful chairs and tables on the street outside a restaurant

    A-Z of Oxford’s outdoor eats from 12th April

    The moment that so many of us have been waiting for since December has almost arrived. Picture this – the sun is shining, you’re...

    Eating in Oxford : a freshers’ guide

    Generally around £3.50, these wraps will put your soggy Tesco meal deal to shame.

    A social blend: the history of the Oxford coffeehouse

    ‘I have measured out my life in coffee spoons’ is a line which comes uncomfortably close to describing how I spend much of my...

    Café Circuit: Colombia Coffee Roasters

    Indulge in the deep bitter flavours of Colombia Coffee Roasters

    Café circuit: The Society Cafe

    The Society Cafe is a haven in busy Oxford

    Café circuit: Cafe W

    Cafe W is the best place to work over a coffee

    New world, Old media: the aesthetic revival burns bright in Oxford

    Online media may challenge the status quo, but some producers are seeking to up the quality of old media to dizzying heights

    Café circuit: Taylor’s

    Why I keep coming back to Taylor's

    Café circuit: The Missing Bean

    The windows might steam up when its cold but only from the warmth and comfort provided to those inside

    A coffee break at Common Ground Workspace

    A taste of the new pop-up on Little Clarendon — a shared workspace that offers conversation as well as a caffeine kick