Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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    The Court Painter: The Exclusivity of the ‘Popular’ Artist

    For the casual modern art admirer, it might initially be difficult to comprehend the business of art in the 17th-century; a time...

    Oxford to receive £150 million donation from former chair of Trump...

    Stephen Schwarzman has been described as "the epitome of American capitalism"
    holiday theme park in london at night with many lit-up multicoloured rides

    The decline of Wonderland: festive fun or Christmas consumerism?

    "Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has become a behemoth, logistically impossible and perhaps overhyped extortionate vehicle of money wasting and consumerism."

    London Pride: Commercialised

    This year London Pride coincided with the day England beat Sweden in the quarter finals of the World Cup. The pubs of Soho filled...

    Yes, religion has a place in politics

    Iris Kaye-Smith argues for genuine religious conviction in politics, not Jacob Rees-Mogg's cynical cherry-picking

    Warhol and the importance of social exchange

    Mia Neafcy explores the notion of consumerism in American capitalist society