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    Rhodes Scholars announced for 2023

    The newest cohort of US Rhodes Scholars has been announced. The 32 chosen students will have their postgraduate studies in Oxford fully funded by...

    Societies condemn Oriel’s decision to not remove Cecil Rhodes statue

    "“We are disappointed to hear that Oriel’s Governing Body will not be removing the Rhodes statue due to the regulatory and financial challenges involved in the process. Dismantling systemic racism in Oxford is one of the greatest challenges this university community has faced, but we believe this is no excuse for inaction… Cecil Rhodes is a symbol of colonialism, white supremacy, and racism, all of which have no place in Oriel College, nor any other part of this University.” "

    The Undercurrent: Oriel’s blue-worthy mental gymnastics on Rhodes

    My working theory is that this is Oriel’s last, desperate attempt to shut students up by literally stunning them into silence.

    BREAKING: Oriel College will not remove Rhodes statue after commission’s recommendations

    Oriel College’s Governing Body has responded following the results of an independent commission which were revealed by The Guardian last night, choosing not to...

    BREAKING: Rhodes should fall, commission concludes

    In a report seen by The Guardian, the commission advised that the College not only removes the statue, but a plaque featuring a portrait of Rhodes on King Edward Street. It also urged the College to publish a statement definitively detailing its association with Rhodes and his legacy.

    Oriel College announces details of Independent Commission of Inquiry into Rhodes Statue

    Oriel College has announced details of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Rhodes statue. Whilst the Oriel College Governing Body has expressed its...

    Boris Johnson criticises Oriel’s Rhodes decision

    In an interview with the Evening Standard, Boris Johnson said he disagrees with Oriel College’s decision to support removing a statue of Cecil Rhodes....

    Oriel JCR pass motion demanding removal of Rhodes statue

    Oriel JCR voted yesterday for a motion which mandates the JCR to demand the removal of Oriel's Cecil Rhodes statue. The motion passed with...

    80,000 sign petition and Oxford City Council call for Rhodes removal

    A petition demanding the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes on an Oriel College building on the High Street has hit 80,000 signatures...

    Students petition for removal of Rhodes statue, protest planned for Tuesday

    In the wake of protests following the killing of George Floyd and an upsurge of anti-racist movement across the UK and within Oxford, there...

    ‘Rhodes, You’re Next’ banner put up opposite Oriel College

    A banner stating ‘Rhodes, You’re Next’ has been put up on University Church, opposite the statue of Cecil Rhodes, following the pulling down of...

    Rhodes must not fall – head of scholarship programme rules out name change

    Elizabeth Kiss, head of the Rhodes scholarship programme, has refused to change its name on the grounds that it would be “running away” from...

    Oxford defends don accused of “whitewashing” the British empire

    Nigel Biggar had argued we should “moderate our post-imperial guilt”

    Rhodes Must Fall join campaign for student to continue studies

    Oxford student groups, including Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) and the Oxford University Africa Soceity (OUAS), have gathered in support of a campaign to crowdfund...

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