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Friday, June 24, 2022

Tag: childhood

Sipping in the sun

Though I’ve lived in England for most of my life, when I was but a small child my father had a mid-life crisis and...

Half Brit No Brit

'I hear you loudly in your echo chamber: ‘We’re in the most tolerant land of them all’ But the least racist is still racist.'

Ghosts in the Attic

'Unpack-repack. That recurring dream that you only have in your Home Bed...'

La vita davanti a sé: Sex, death and Sophia Loren

Long time, no see! Sophia Loren, Italian star of ‘60s classics such as 1963's Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and 1964's Marriage Italian Style, commands...

Avonlea Revisited: what children’s classics offer for adult readers

"Revisiting these childhood classics gives us an important reminder for these definitely non-normative times: seek happiness in the unlikeliest places. Love is patient, love is kind, but it is also a little shy and very, very funny."

Comfort Films – Stand By Me

"Immature boyishness and naivety are never glamorised..."

Reviving my Childhood – Avatar: The Last Airbender

The year was 2005 and at the time, it was just another Nickelodeon show I’d force my sister to sit through with me. But it quickly became more than that,


"Raised in the endless, relentless summer of tropical living, snapshots of summer swamp my memories of childhood – beachside days, aching sunburns, blond locks tainted unflatteringly green by chlorinated pools."

Do LGBT+ creatives have a responsibility to produce queer art?

Being "protected" from anything that resembled queerness did not manage to make me straight

A little clueless never hurt nobody: the value of revisiting old favourites

Re-watching allows us to change and to recognise growth within ourselves

Where Things Turn Out Different

Bombay is an Anglicisation of the Marathi word Mumbai. For this reason, it has become a source of awkwardness.

Nuns n’ Rosaries

The highs and lows of growing up Catholic.

Lynne Ramsay reminds us that childhood isn’t a fairytale

Coming of age films are lying; our childhoods are anything but perfect

Playlist: Childhood

A youthful and vibrant playlist on the topic of childhood

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