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An illustration in which Orlick threatens Pip with a candlestick.

‘A bit of Bah Humbug’: Christmas in Great Expectations

Dickens is the perfect post-Christmas antidote to anyone exhausted by the festive season
light up neon saying happy holidays

The omnipresence of Christmas in the UK, from someone who didn’t...

Maybe because I didn’t grow up with Christmas, and find little personal reason to celebrate the birth of Christ.
holiday theme park in london at night with many lit-up multicoloured rides

The decline of Wonderland: festive fun or Christmas consumerism?

"Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has become a behemoth, logistically impossible and perhaps overhyped extortionate vehicle of money wasting and consumerism."

Nothing beats a traditional German Christmas market

As any Christmas enthusiast can testify, no two Christmas markets are the same

Homelessness is not just for Christmas

Attention must be given to the problem of homelessness all year round if the issue is to be tackled.
Lit pumpkin decoration looking over a town in the night

Why The Nightmare Before Christmas is the most underrated Christmas film

The Nightmare Before Christmas says that it is fine to find a holiday dull, or to question the purpose of repeating it every year.

Sleigh-ing it on Christmas Day

How to avoid those Christmas Day fashion faux pas
A house-front with baubles and Christmas lights

Festive flicks: the best films to watch at Christmas

Get into the Christmas spirit with a .. Harry Potter marathon

Christmas adverts: capitalist emotional blackmail or festive escapism?

Although spreading Christmas cheer, making viewers laugh and cry, and even tackling social and environmental issues are all well and good, the ultimate aim of Christmas adverts is to make more money for the company.
Mulled wine, with orange slices and spices simmers in a pan.

Recipe: Mull with OJ, spice and all things nice

Georgina MacRae shares her tips for the perfect Christmas mull
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