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And a merry christmess

It is hardly a ground-breaking revelation that Christmas is an extremely wasteful enterprise. However, due to my mum’s insistent anti-palm oil venture, this year's would be a truly green Christmas, whatever that means.

The paradoxical toxicity of the ‘January detox’

Clare Tierney explores the phenomenon of post-Christmas diet culture.

Pantomime: does it still deserve a place on the modern theatrical...

Emily Capon argues that pantomime (when done well) still has an important place in the modern theatre.

How the Grinch Stole the Christmas Number One

Many years ago, all the good girls and boys of the United Kingdom would get a special present from Santa every Christmas...

Is the Christmas vac actually the worst holiday of the year?

In very simple terms, yes: the Christmas vacation is arguably the worst of the year. It is usually the shortest— 39 days this year....

Tis the Season to be Sustainable

Tara Mewawalla provides some tips on how to have a 'Green Christmas' this year.

Santa Claus pays special visit to Oxford Children’s Hospital

Patients at Oxford Children’s Hospital received a very special visit from Father Christmas today. Arriving in a Puma...
An illustration in which Orlick threatens Pip with a candlestick.

‘A bit of Bah Humbug’: Christmas in Great Expectations

Dickens is the perfect post-Christmas antidote to anyone exhausted by the festive season
light up neon saying happy holidays

The omnipresence of Christmas in the UK, from someone who didn’t...

Maybe because I didn’t grow up with Christmas, and find little personal reason to celebrate the birth of Christ.
holiday theme park in london at night with many lit-up multicoloured rides

The decline of Wonderland: festive fun or Christmas consumerism?

"Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has become a behemoth, logistically impossible and perhaps overhyped extortionate vehicle of money wasting and consumerism."