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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: comedy

Preview: A Woman of No Importance – ‘promises an informed, thorough and hilarious production’

Magdalen Players reimagine Oscar Wilde's melodramatic comedy in fourth week

Q&A – a play that ‘takes a turn into the chaotic and absurd’

Witty, absurd, and ultimately hilarious, Q&A is an entertaining one-act play, even if at times the dialogue lacks spontaneity

Ricky Gervais and the endurance of his talents

His new Netflix show is another success for the experienced British comic.

Review: The Oxford Revue Newcomers’ Show ‘Scrapped’ – ‘ridiculous, witty, and hilarious’

"No description, no plot summary can do justice to this highly eclectic and wonderfully unpredictable piece of theatre"

My existence is not your next punchline

Comedians have the power to shape how we think

‘Family Friends’ Review: ‘a definite sparkle’

Katie Knight sees potential in this night of improvised comedy, but is let down by pacing and clunky mistakes

The Oxford Revue: Best of the Fringe Review – ‘these are emerging talents’

The Oxford Revue's desires to experiment creates some hilarious moments, but perhaps lacks through-line to bring the show together

The Oxford Revue: ‘Wasted’, and ‘Group Work’ Reviews – “More time in the writing room necessary”

The audience is left wanting more from the writing at The Oxford Revue's two Fringe shows.

Witch Hunt Review – ‘Dizzily funny writing and disastrous hair’

Horseplay Productions' politically-charged sketch comedy hits comedic targets despite an ambiguous through-line.

Dining al Desko Preview – ‘a tale of high treachery and highlighters’

An acutely observed examination of inane office politics, despair, and social media

Funny Friends Preview – ‘A roundup of all the best student talent in the country’

Funny friends and frenetic feminisms fuse in this upcoming Playhouse performance

The Lonesome West review – ‘a pressure-cooker of rage and almost-erupting violence’

Practically Peter Production give an impressive rendering of Martin McDonagh's dark comedy

Butt Kapinski Review – ‘a masterclass in light-hearted entertainment and audience participation’

Charles Britton is both amazed and horrified by Deanna Fleysher's oddball creation

The fault in our Fawlty

The show is vulgar, insular, and heavy-handed

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