Saturday, December 5, 2020
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    “The biggest student comedy event of the year”: Oxford Revue and...

    Miriam Nemmaoui chats to Olly Jackson ahead of the Oxford Revue's hotly tipped performance

    Getting to grips with the adult cartoon craze

    Christopher Goring is stunned by the maturity of modern cartoons

    A limp, lifeless insult to every single viewer

    Christopher Goring is reduced to a gibbering mess by "Sandy Wexler"

    Oxford Revue Comedy Club

    Cherwell Broadcasting is here to cheer you up with a video on the Oxford Revue Comedy Club

    Shark Tales Episode 5 [Season 6] Trailer

    Shark Tales, Episode 5 [Season 6] - out tomorrow.

    Drop dead funny

    James Lamming is impressed by the originality and comic maturity of the Oxford Imps’ latest production

    Preview: Three Men in a Boot: A Rather Sketchy Show

    If your finger isn’t on the pulse of the Oxford comedy scene, this comic extravaganza may be just the thing you need to pull...

    Shark Tales Season 6 [Trailer]

    Shark Tales is back for Hilary Term 2017!

    Review: D@tes

    James Lamming enjoys a witty take on 21st century dating at the BT Studio

    Interview: Nish Kumar – “A snapshot of what I’m interested in”

    Emma Leech talks politics, publicity and publishing with comic Nish Kumar