Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Opinion – Corbyn’s suspension shows a new future for Labour

TW: antisemitism Shame. That is the only worthy reaction of every Labour member and supporter to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s recent findings. The...

Playing the (Long) Game: Starmer’s party address

"If one overall theme emerged from Starmer's speech, it would be this: we are going to play the game this time, and we are going to try to play it well."

Opinion – Rebecca Long-Bailey gone: Labour’s long path to eliminating antisemitism...

Firing Long-Bailey immediately should neither be criticised nor excessively praised – it was simply a minimal requirement for Starmer... This was the only clean start possible for Labour.

Why the “stupid woman” palaver is just a storm in a...

The attention attracted by Corbyn's alleged comments only demonstrate misguided journalistic priorities

It is time for Corbyn to go

If you proudly announce to me that you voted Labour in the last election, you don’t get it

OULC slam Labour’s ‘consistently inadequate’ responses to anti-semitism

They described Corbyn's apology as "not a sufficient response to the concerns raised by Jewish members."

Cable shouldn’t fool himself – he won’t make it to Number...

Nat Rachman argues that Vince Cable isn't an attractive option for a generation more concerned with change than experience.

We can scrutinise without abusing

It’s important to reject personal attacks on politicians, but holding these same politicians to account is important for our democracy

Glastonbury and the Corbyn effect

Julia Alsop argues that Jeremy Corbyn is using the political nature of music to bolster his image as the ‘cool’ politician

View from Northern Ireland: a caveat for the Conservatives

Daniel Xu discusses why the Conservatives should be wary of the DUP as their new political allies