Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Electron micrograph image of four coronaviruses

Only 27 lateral flow tests reported as positive across University

"The data shows that 0.59% of tests administered were recorded as positive."

‘We Don’t Need No Education’: Assessing What Matters in Schools

"In this drive to ascribe value to students, we risk losing sight of what learning can and should be: an ongoing, unfolding and communal process."

Doom and zoom: student work life in 2020

Like so many other current second year students, my Trinity term in 2020 was characterised by long, repetitive hours spent at a desk I...

Hilary term 2021: how has your college responded to staggered returns?

"The latest suggested arrival date so far for students at the University is the 24th January, while some colleges are advising that all students arrive in Noughth week."

Hilary term 2021: when does your undergraduate course resume?

"Subjects have been sorted into two groups... In-person teaching for courses in group one will begin from Monday 18th January, and Monday 25th for group two."

Covid-19 immunity lasts months

An Oxford study has shown that people who have had coronavirus are likely to be immune from the disease for at least six months.  The research was conducted by University of...

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine up to 90% effective

This week, the vaccine being developed by Oxford University and Astrazeneca was found to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19 symptoms.

BREAKING: Some students won’t return to university until February

"Students who will be prioritised for an early return include those on placements or practical courses with a need for in-person teaching (including music, dance, drama, the sciences, medicine, nursing and dentistry)."

Oxford study identifies prisoners for priority vaccination

A new Oxford study identified prison inmates and staff as top priorities for the impending coronavirus vaccine.

University Covid-19 cases this week at record-low of 21

Oxford University’s testing service has confirmed a record-low of 21 cases of COVID-19 among students and staff for the week 21st-27th November, with a...