Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Something crawls up my throat, more bitter than honey.

“Everywhere else, death is an end. Death comes, and they draw...

Death comes, and they draw the curtains – Not in Spain. In Spain they open them.

49 Years of Matrimony

Agnes need not have walked in on them fucking to know what was going on.

Ode to an empty Oxford

"The quads no longer echo with passing, light-hearted exchanges or 3am stumbling returns from Hassan's."

Bringing together Oxford’s zines

In light of the current coronavirus situation, we at Cherwell are interested in bringing together student zines to publicise Oxford's writing community. Many students in...

Remembering Wallace: Biography and Memory

'The End of the Tour' is a powerful biopic, but by all accounts it gets David Foster Wallace wrong. Does that matter?

“I’m scared Charlie please come”

Benedict George takes a trip into the surreal with a phone that refuses to leave its owner in peace

Poetry: One Hundred Red Kites

In verse, Harry Smith examines memory and sensation

“I was a part of him, nothing more”

Simran Uppal finds inspiration in the recollection of his grandfather’s stories about Jalandhar, India