Monday, September 20, 2021
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    Virtual beings: We are our data

    "If we conceive of the self as digitally contingent and cybernetically oriented, virtual hazards become existential ones."

    Reading Around the Lines: the Need for Data Literacy

    As news outlets and social media feeds bombard us graphs and statistics, Maya Misra pushes for greater literacy in order to understand the numbers behind flattening the curve

    Damian Collins: emergency legislation needed for a snap general election

    Calls for reform to rules on election campaigning have been made following the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal in 2018.

    Oxford researchers expose ‘data thirst’ of big tech companies

    The figures further reveal how vast numbers of apps are set up to convey data to big tech companies, with Google topping the list of potential recipients.

    University trawled sensitive data to drive donations

    The records of almost 200,000 Oxford alumni have been inspected since August 2007.