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    An Oxford-English Dictionary

    0th Week (noughth week) the week before term starts, when most people move back to Oxford. This is when collections typically happen. Battels your bill for the...

    Oxford English Dictionary adds coronavirus-related words

    The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has been updated to include "COVID-19" and other words that have seen an increase in usage since the outbreak...

    Nigerian English words added to Oxford English Dictionary

    The most recent linguistic update of the Oxford English Dictionary has expanded their record to include a number of Nigerian English words. According to...

    Nigerian lawyer sues University over dictionary definition

    On behalf of the claimant, Ogu ordered the court to direct OUP to ensure that every dictionary they publish includes the phrase: “The dictionaries are made available as a reference tool only."

    Oxford English Dictionary adds ‘woke’ to its list of new words

    'Woke', 'Post-Truth' and 'Zyzzyva' among the new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary

    Doctor Who’s ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ included in Oxford Dictionary

    The addition of the Doctor’s trademark gadget coincides with the premiere of the tenth season of the show

    The ‘post-truth’ era is a product of liberal denial

    James Lamming argues that making ‘post truth’ the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year is a fundamentally arrogant move

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