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Boycott campaign: Union using far-right to “further their own careers”

“We do not see fascism as a spectacle to be exploited for the amusement of the Union’s elite membership,” the letter states.

Teenage boys arrested over neo-Nazi graffiti in Headington

"Reassuring (to an extent) that organised Far Right extremism is not behind the incident. Oxford will go on being watchful for such extremism. Deeply worrying that children would do this.”

Neo-Nazi graffiti referencing New Zealand attacks appears in Headington

*Content Warning* The graffiti showed Swastikas and the phrase 'SUB 2 pewdiepie'. Thames Valley Police are treating the incident as a hate crime.

Wilberforce Academy set to return

An Honorary Fellow at St Edmund’s Hall is listed among the 'faculty' of the group, which has links to the far-right Tennessee Freedom Coalition.

Turning Point UK’s launch marred by parody accounts

The group's Oxford leader speaks to Cherwell about parody accounts, cultural Marxism and left-wing hegemony.

Right-wing dark money comes to Oxford student politics

Turning Point USA aims to shift student politics to the right; its tactics have included intimidating academics and covertly funnelling thousands of dollars into student political campaigns

Le Pen won’t win, but the Front National will not disappear

Le Pen has utterly reshaped the French political debate, and will undoubtedly play a central role in years to come, writes Jorge Lopez Llorente