Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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    What to watch in the time of Trump

    Tilly Nevin praises a new generation of political comedy in a ‘post-truth’ era

    ‘Jackie’: simply a mishandled film

    Surya Bowyer is unstirred by Natalie Portman’s performance as America’s sweetheart

    Exhausted tropes and the odd jump scare: ‘Split’ review

    Louise Howland is unimpressed by 'Split', Shyamalan’s attempt at psychological horror

    Films to cure fifth week and Valentine’s blues

    Katie Sayer and Tesni Jones offer some topical film suggestions to quell your Fifth Week and Valentine’s Day sorrows

    Reviewing Moffat: The Doctor Who Christmas Special

    “Doctor Who does superheroes” is a premise which seems obvious. The show’s greatest asset is its ability to jump from one genre to the...

    Reviewing Moffat: Sherlock Series Four

    This series of Sherlock is particularly varied, playing around with genre far more than usual. The first episode, ‘The Six Thatchers,’ feels at many...

    Which film best represents your Oxford college?

    Oxford colleges are known for their quirks, and inspired by these traits, here’s part two of the Cherwell guide to movies that reflect our...

    Review: ‘A Monster Calls’

    Jonnie Barrow is impressed by Bayona’s adaptation of an underrated children’s novel

    Review: Silence

    Surya Bowyer is impressed by Scorsese's latest cinematic venture, a long and taxing, yet beautifully moving work

    How to pass collections via the medium of film

    Whether you study English or Engineering, Tesni Jones suggests a film for you to combine revising with relaxing