Saturday, January 16, 2021
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    Tag: Fossil fuels

    Balliol divests from fossil fuels

    Balliol College has announced plans to divest its holdings in fossil fuel companies. The college released a statement on Monday, saying that it planned...

    Students protest at Oxford Sustainability Awards

    The students rose from their seats to display a sign that read “Still investing in fossil fuels??” as Vice-Chancellor Louise Richardson opened the event at the Sheldonian Theatre.

    Wadham commits to full divestment from coal and tar sands

    The decision is a major victory for student campaigners, who have been pressuring colleges and the University to withdraw financial support for the fossil fuel, tobacco and arms industries.

    Oxbridge’s Dirty Money: how colleges invest millions in fossil fuel, arms...

    Oxbridge colleges responding to requests hold at least £21m in oil and gas exploration, production, and refining companies

    St Hilda’s adopts new divestment recommendations

    The approved changes, initially recommended by St Hilda’s JCR Divestment Working Group, aim to align the college’s investments with the challenge of climate change

    Campaigners deliver 169 letters to vice chancellor demanding divestment

    The letters addressed the "hypocrisy" of the University investing in fossil fuels while producing cutting-edge science on climate change

    LMH calls for fossil fuel divestment

    The motion urged the college to divest from companies on the Carbon Underground 200 list

    Campaigners tell Oxford: “pay your taxes” after fossil fuel investments leak

    Campaigners accuse University of “lying to its students, faculty, and the world”