Sunday, May 15, 2022
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A love letter to Marseille

450 miles south of Paris and the same distance across the Mediterranean from Algiers, a mere afternoon’s drive to the Spanish and Italian borders,...

Day 1 – Au Paris

Libby Bull describes how her travels to Paris went "off the rails"!

The limits of liberté: France’s ‘global security law’

At the end of November, returning to the UK on my way back from the first part of my year abroad, I passed through...

Review: Matisse Devenir

Tucked away in the France’s Département Nord, the Musée Matisse might seem rather at odds with its provincial surroundings.

Fresh sexual assault allegations against Oxford professor

Tariq Ramadan, Oxford Professor of Contemporary Islam, is facing fresh accusations of sexual assault.  A woman, as yet unnamed, came forward and gave a report...

Is video assistant referee anti-football?

'Referees only have one aim: to protect themselves.' When asked to discuss new rules from the International Football Association Board (IFAB) regarding handballs, now...

The Gilets Jaunes and working class anger

Daniil Ukhorskiy sets out to understand the Gilets Jaunes on a walk through Paris

“Boredom is counter-revolutionary”

The only comparable manifestations of the desire for social change in political change have been deeply reactionary, with the rise of right-wing, populist leaders, like Trump and Le Pen.

Don protests his innocence in video as third woman accuses him...

The video shows Ramadan declaring himself “totally innocent of the crimes I am accused of.”

‘The Parisian’ is a barrier to progressive fashion

William Hosie criticises the conservative approach to fashion and politics in modern France