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Life Divided: May Day or Nay Day?

A once in a year opportunity or a waste of a few hours of sleep? Two writers come to blows

Letter To: My Estate Agent

When it comes to estate agents, it's a love-hate relationship, without the love.

Eat Sleep Rep Repeat

At a university where students can't work, club repping is not worth the "easy" money.

Letter to: My Ex

"Why would I want to forget?" You'll be in my memories forever.

Life Divided: Living In or Living Out?

Daanial Issaq Chaudhry and Fin Kavanagh's confrontation over accommodation

How to procrastinate like a pro

Sam Juniper's distraction dos and don'ts

Blind Date: “His T-shirt was just baked beans”

Despite the height difference, Henry Williams and Sophie Gibson see eye to eye

Night Out: the Oxford experience

The trials and tribulations of a typical Oxford night out

Letter to: my neighbour

Julia Alsop airs her domestic grievances