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Pembroke College and Oxford City Council provide over 15,000 meals for...

Pembroke College is collaborating with Oxford City Council to bring meals to over 120 homeless people who are being housed in student...

NHS staff and rough sleepers offered college accommodation

Several Oxford colleges have made rooms available for homeless people and health workers to combat the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

City Council opens emergency beds for rough sleepers

Due to harsh weather conditions, Oxford City Council is tonight (Tuesday 11 February) opening emergency beds for people experiencing rough sleeping. 

Plea for £1.5 million to fight homelessness

A new city-wide partnership was launched last week to reduce rough sleeping in Oxford. Designed to be “innovative...

Council opens new hub to tackle homelessness

The hub will be used by multiple groups focused on reducing homelessness, including St Mungo's and Crisis

Barcodes for the homeless: insulting or ingenious?

Tara Sallis and Sophie Kilminster debate the implications of giving barcodes to the homeless

Wadham evict three homeless people

The individuals had been occupying land owned by Wadham at the end of Savile Road since last month, using materials from the College to build shelters

Homeless emergency protocol activated

The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol will now have been in operation for 31 nights this winter

Lets talk about: Homelessness

Simon Hunt asks us to change how we look at the homeless

Empty Lush shop to become homeless shelter

The retailer was previously criticised for boarding up the entrance