Friday, January 15, 2021
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    A Love Letter to Living With Scientists/An Apology to My Housemates

    'I am not sure what broke me. I think it's a close tie between the discussion around NaCl when I asked for the salt to be passed down the table or when someone genuinely asked the group what their favourite way to measure the centre of mass was.'

    New humanities building project underway as architect selected

    In an email to students, Head of Major Capital Projects Karen Brill announced the imminent revelation of the firm tasked with the development of...

    Oxford to receive £150 million donation from former chair of Trump...

    Stephen Schwarzman has been described as "the epitome of American capitalism"

    Who can afford such an indulgence: Cheap shots at expensive degrees

    Last week, The Economist took it upon itself to settle once and for all the debate around which of your mates ‘does a real degree’, which...

    Who can afford such indulgence?

    'The Economist's' giddy attacks on an elitist Oxbridge reduce the issue to a caricature.
    Early Byzantine art.

    Evoking emotion and rejecting repression through art in the Middle East

    Joseph Botman makes a case for the importance of the humanities in contemporary society

    Oxford Academics elected to American Academy

    The American Academy, one of the oldest US research centres, has appointed two Oxford academics

    Fear, frustration and self-loathing: welcome to an Oxford lecture theatre

    Daniel Curtis takes a socially-awkward look at the perils of the contact hours in the humanities