Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    The price of Citizenship: The inherent britishness of bureaucracy

    I cannot speak for immigrants everywhere, but an enduring sense of anxiety looming in the back of my mind has been fears of a recalcitrant government revoking residency rights. What would follow would entail deportation to a country I feel rather distant from and would struggle to adjust to.

    Oxford’s overlooked inhabitants: Brexit and the East Timorese

    "When the first Timorese began arriving in the UK in the early 1990s, they were essentially asylum seekers and yet, since they were on paper no different to a French, German, Swedish or Greek person moving to the UK, over the past thirty years they have received far less support than people fleeing violence from other countries."

    Interview with the previous leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson

    “I've previously joked it’s much harder to come out as a Tory at the BBC, than it is to come out as gay,” Ruth...
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    Review: A View from the Bridge – ‘dramatic, gripping and surprisingly...

    This latest revival of the Arthur Miller classic copes well with its challenging text (and challenging accent).
    A person sits at the table with two kneeling beside them, one with their arm on the sitting man.

    Preview: A View from the Bridge – a fresh take on...

    Practically Peter Productions bring the Arthur Miller classic set in 1950s Brooklyn to the Pilch in Sixth Week.

    University’s visa advice to student a potential breach of immigration law

    The St Hilda's student was advised to use a tourist visa despite coming to the UK to study, a potential breach of immigration laws

    Oxford student successful in campaign for mother’s right to cross Mexico-US...

    Bill De La Rosa launched a campaign after U.S. authorities denied his mother's plea to visit his dying father one last time

    Don’t silence Powell – deconstruct him

    We should appreciate the educational value of deconstructing Powell's infamous speech

    Pakistan’s cultural reinvention is spear-headed by its youth

    Pakistan’s identity and future is debated in culture both at home and abroad