Friday, January 22, 2021
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    Eat, Sleep, Create, Repeat: An Artistic Odyssey

    "As an emotional writer of poetry, I’ll only ever put pen to paper in fits of extreme feeling, using it as an outlet when I feel that I cannot turn to anyone. It seems to be the closest I’ll get to the divine inspiration, with the Muse replaced by anger or loneliness." Maebh Howell takes us on an artistic Odyssey around the pressures of constant creativity.

    Review: The Artist’s Way

    This is both a book review and a book recommendation. Julia Cameron’s book - The Artist’s Way - is the perfect book to pick...

    Eternal Boredom

    Now we can even appreciate the importance of boredom being a driving force behind creativity, and some of the greatest minds in history.

    Outfit of the day: January chic

    Nicole Rayment shows us how she stays stylish in the winter cold