Thursday, September 23, 2021
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    Tag: Intersectionality

    Can you be a feminist and watch Love Island?

    One of the main issues for me, and many others, is the sheer lack of diversity on Love Island.

    Beyond the White Male Pale: Why our conversations around Autism and...

    CW: Contains mentions of ableist, racist and sexist language as well as descriptions of eating disorders. "It is not known the proportion of the UK’s diagnosed autistic population of 700,000 and the UK’s innumerable undiagnosed autistic population who identify as women and/or People of Colour. But we have a duty to represent those people and the diversity of challenges and experiences in our conversations about autism." Ciara Garcha argues that we need greater intersectional conversations and representations of autism in the media.

    We must care about the Taylor Swift case

    Naomi Packer argues that Taylor Swift's recent lawsuit is a timely reminder of the power one woman can have in standing up against harassment

    Not Wong: Eternal vigilance guarantees no freedom

    Brian Wong urges readers to keep vigilant and work together to fight the rise of right-wing populism

    Not Wong: A case for genuine equality

    Brian Wong queries common ideas of equal treatment, and makes the case for unequal treatment in the short term so as to uphold genuine equality