Monday, March 8, 2021
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    Hajj during a pandemic

    "The restricted Hajj has led to the devastation of many Muslims globally, as the chance to embark on the pilgrimage is hard to come by."

    From museum to mosque: the deconsecration of the Hagia Sophia

    "Ultimately the Hagia Sophia remains today what it always has been over the course of its 1,500-year history: a unique political tool and lightning rod for controversy."

    Oxford University worker told Muslim woman to ‘go home’

    Aisha Ali Khan says she was told to “go home” by an Oxford University worker during a conversation on politics. According to Khan, Dr...

    Scholarship launched to help “break down barriers” for Muslim students

    The scholarship is open to UK Muslim students facing financial hardship

    Freedom of speech is bigger than any Boris jibe

    The domain of speech should always be off-limits to top-down oversight.

    Half of colleges fail to provide halal food, says ISoc

    Oxford's Islamic Society claim that 14 of Oxford's 30 undergraduate colleges fail to offer halal food in hall

    PakSoc screening controversy attacked in parliament

    The MP for Mitcham and Morden expressed concern at persecution towards Ahmadi Muslims, referencing last weeks film screening controversy

    Civilisations Review: Repeating the same mistakes

    Simon Schama, Mary Beard, and David Olusoga; the terrible trio chosen to update the BBC relic Civilisations have fallen foul of all the usual potholes. Tasked with modernisation they haven't quite pulled it off. 

    Conjuring some museum magic

    Altair Brandon-Salmon is astounded by the Ashmolean’s Islam exhibition, Power and Protection

    Why I’m a … Muslim

    A contributor explains what it is like to be a Muslim in Oxford.