Monday, September 20, 2021
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    The Spin Jazz Club announces move to the Old Fire Station

    "Supporting local music is so important, especially now when it is under threat from grassroots venue closures across the country."

    Notes on Improvisation

    Improvisation is a strange topic to think about. On the surface, it seems to be fairly simple: know the chord progression to follow, choose...

    Music History: Django Reinhardt

    George Newton reflects on the life of the jazz guitarist who defined an era.

    Hidden in Harlem

    If Nick had driven into Manhattan one day, taking the right turns, he might have found himself in the eye of a creative storm. Jazz clubs would spring up around him, filled with artists, musicians, and poets. He would be in Harlem at the zenith of its renaissance.

    Star People: unearthing Miles Davis’ jazz-rock family tree

    By the mid-60s, jazz was floundering. The preceding decade saw bebop – the most radical post-war interpretation of the breed – birth several pioneering...

    Nu Jazz – How it Began

    The evolution of jazz into the present day

    Sexism in Jazz

    Lola Grieve explores the underrepresentation of women in jazz in discussion with female jazz musicians at Oxford

    Memorable sax solos and individual flair at the Varsity jazz-off

    If this show was about demonstrating the very best they can do, then Oxford delivered

    The ‘new’ jazz must be seen as well as heard

    The latest offering from the 'new' Jazz scene is an innovative success, writes Harriet Davis

    Spotlight: Basic Space

    Natalia Bus delights in the Oxford duo's relaxing sound