Monday, September 20, 2021
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    Alastair Campbell: the convictions of a spin doctor

    When we were growing up, he was the man on the inside. But after Brexit, Alastair Campbell is out in the cold. He tells Ethan Croft how to change Britain's future

    Attacking Kezia Dugdale for going on I’m A Celeb is simple...

    We should applaud politicians like Dugdale for showing they are human, writes Honor Brocklebank-Fowler

    Let’s deprive the tax-dodging super rich of their power

    It’s not enough to say tax avoidance is immoral. It’s time to do something about it, writes Daniel Iley-Williamson

    Revealed: how a private school elite still dominates Oxford’s student life

    Most JCR presidents and Oxford Union officials attended fee paying schools, Cherwell investigation finds

    Less than one third of Oxford colleges signed up to pay...

    Only eleven of Oxford’s 38 colleges are currently accredited living wage employers

    Caring about O’Mara’s past is not pedantic – it’s our duty

    The O’Mara case is a good example of the role the news media can play, writes Benedict George

    David Lammy: “You cannot describe Oxford as an inclusive environment”

    Labour MP David Lammy tells Will Dry why he’s taking on Oxford’s “exclusive” application process, and how students should help

    Sarah Champion’s resignation is a testament to the dangers of political...

    Jordan Bernstein argues that those highlighting uncomfortable truths unfairly risk losing their jobs

    Homeless threatened with £2.5k fines by council

    Labour-run council claims bags in doorways "may constitute a hazard"

    Criticism of Diane Abbott is rooted in racism and misogyny

    Chris Goring argues that we must start a conversation about online abuse in both the political left and right