Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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    Bodleian Libraries to close

    As a result of university wide policy changes due to Covid-19, the Bodleian Libraries will be closing tomorrow. These changes were announced in an...

    Local libraries: do we still need them?

    What is a library? Most of us would describe them as a place to study (or at least pretend to), or somewhere to find...

    Language Centre Library closure woes continue

    A consultation on the library's future began in February, but registered users were only notified three weeks before the end date

    Proposal to close Language Centre Library meets staunch opposition

    A petition against the proposal currently has over 1200 signatures, with the University Academic Administration Division citing "declining usage" as the reason for the proposal.

    Is your college investing in your grades?

    The amount that colleges spend on their libraries is key to their academic performance, a Cherwell investigation has found. Cherwell’s analysis shows the statistical correlation...

    Georgian independence petition discovered at Bodleian

    The petition is the first documented occasion of the Georgian population protesting for further rights as a nation

    Letter To: That Library Twat

    Besides tapping, you also make a vast array of other noises, that never fail to amaze (annoy) me.

    Oxford charged students £50k more in library fines than any other...

    King's College London was the only other university to collect fines of over £100,000

    Life Divided: The Rad Cam

    Priya Vempali and Julia Alsop avoid circular arguments

    How to maintain dominance in the library

    Priya Vempali shows you what it takes to shine in the library