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“Alec’s mustard yellow socks aired nicely over the scent of pork-belly.”

Alec Fullerton and Nell Norman find that aubergine differences are a barrier to romance

Love Oxland semi-final

“The food was free, so we ordered the most expensive things on the menu.”

Love Oxland: ‘I do sort of like it when he’s rude...

Alec Fullerton and Nell Norman bar crawl their way through pinot, Peep Show, and poison

Love Oxland: ‘I was surprised when Fred turned on a puppy...

Izzy Agerbak and Fred Dimbleby find animal rights an obstacle to romance

Love Oxland: “If she were a true fan of Rick and...

Claire Castle and Samuel Juniper go from cartilage piercings to piercing gazes during a cocktail-fuelled evening of philosophical musing

Love Oxland: “I’d say her spirit animal is a lemon beer.”

Becky Todd and James Coates hit it off on a quiet Monday night despite James' poor time management