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The effects of media attention on upcoming sports stars

"In a world concerned so much about mental health, especially in young people, why does the media still create so much damage?"

#oxfess29033: Who runs Oxfess?!

Big Oxfess has total control over the platform; they shape the content of our thoughts with their subliminal propaganda. 

The Spartan attitude of tennis to its young

"Tennis has a vicious cycle with its young players, but its curse can still be broken"

Waking up to Russell Brand’s ‘razzle-dazzle’ misogyny 

"it’s all delivered with a cheeky smile and a knowing wink, to the tune of laughter and whoops from his audience"

Open Minds, Open Conversations: An Interview with the LOAF Podcast

I knew vaguely of the podcast run by four of my fellow Christ Church students before interviewing them for Cherwell. It takes hard work...

The future of History documentaries and what does their decline mean for us? 

Television has become an endless stream of reality TV, drama and sport. These categories make up the top ten television programmes viewed in 2019,...

Journalism paywalls — a necessary evil?

If they don’t want to bow to pressures, sources are left with no option other than to start charging their readers.

Great men on vacation: The reporting of Boris’ holiday

In my opinion, both sides make the same mistake here. They obsess over the leading man, either worrying that the holiday leaves us stranded or that it is necessary for him to rest before single-handedly facing the battles ahead. All of it leads to propping up the cult of personality that separates Boris from his party infrastructure.

Money Diaries: A 20 year old media intern in London

Occupation: Intern at a media start-up Industry: Media/tech  Age: 20 Location: London Salary: £10.00 p/h (£1.6k per month) Rent: £400 p/m with bills  Over the summer, I was one of...

In Conversation with Eleanor Neale

"These ones are being told on my channel because no one else will tell them and I want to tell that story."

Beyond the 9-to-5: In Conversation with Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea Fagan’s videos are credited for making me finally understand stocks — no small feat, since both economics teachers and my dear parents had...

The ‘Foxification’ of British news: the impact of new right-wing media in the UK

"Even though the stringent regulation of broadcasting in the UK means that these networks will not be overtly one-sided or spread ‘fake news', they are worrisome. A new fixation on ‘opinionated’ and ‘politicised’ news commentary will feed into ‘bubble culture that isolates viewers in echo chambers." Biba Jones discusses the entrance of GB News and News UK TV into the British media landscape.

Great Thunberg’s Spitting Image Sketch and the Problem with Political Satire

"Compared to the cutting-edge and culture-shaping Spitting Image of the 80s and 90s, this reboot seems to have taken out its dentures and started sipping the political and environmental crises through a straw."

What TikTok tells us about our toxic relationship with celebrities

"These TikTok stars are what we have made them through our gluttonous appetite for celebrity."

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