Thursday, January 21, 2021
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    Great Thunberg’s Spitting Image Sketch and the Problem with Political Satire

    "Compared to the cutting-edge and culture-shaping Spitting Image of the 80s and 90s, this reboot seems to have taken out its dentures and started sipping the political and environmental crises through a straw."

    What TikTok tells us about our toxic relationship with celebrities

    "These TikTok stars are what we have made them through our gluttonous appetite for celebrity."

    Let’s not pretend that pandemics are a ‘foreign’ problem

    "The outsourcing of blame for the coronavirus is an example of political scapegoating which relies on prejudice, rather than evidence, to become a shared and accepted narrative."

    Blind Spots and Vigilantism: Learning from the ghosts of recent pandemics...

    ‘I refute the claim that news cannot be made directly relevant, engaging, and motivating wherever it happens.’ Francesca Butt warns us against the blind spots in our media coverage and tells us what we can learn from online outrage.

    Truth and Technology: a Fraught Relationship

    Recent discussion on the topic of so-called ‘fake news’ has exponentially grown. The use of the term “fake news” itself has increased by 40x...

    Rebranding Climate Change: An Imagery Crisis

    We have no time to sit and mourn the collapse of a single ice cap or, more brutally, the death of a few Arctic polar bears; we are now facing a human crisis, with human impacts. To stop large-scale death and destruction in the world’s poorest areas, we must act now.

    Sensationalised Media: Is this the Root of Rape Skepticism?

    TW: Sexual assault Media coverage of sexual assault in 2020 is not off to an auspicious start. Last summer, an 18-year-old British woman went to...

    Playing with food: how meals turn political

    Food is more than just a means of sustenance; it can take on significant political and social meaning.

    What is Beauty?

    The standards of beauty in the media are goalposts that are constantly being shifted by cultural currents in history. But are trends in literature and film of #bodypositivity and self-love doing enough? Georgia Watkins investigates.

    The exploitation of musicians’ emotional struggles

    "The general reaction to musicians’ pains is a testament to the humanity of our age."