Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    Can I speak to the manager?: what ‘Karen’ tells us about...

    'The social context to Internet discourse should not go ignored.' Zehra Munir discusses the 'Karen' phenomenon and its ability to capture the mood of society.


    We live in a society that values things that are quick to buy, quick to use, and quick to dispose of.

    The beach and the Bod

    Online culture bridges geographically divided identity.

    TV memes for deadline-drowning teens

    Becky Cook comments on the importance of film and TV shows in meme culture

    Balliol to battle Wolfson Cambridge superstar Monkman in University Challenge final

    Jack Hunter assesses the teams' chances and this series' strongest memes ahead of Monday’s historic showdown against internet celebrity Eric Monkman

    Pembroke appoints first-ever meme reps

    Memes to encourage “college spirit” and “boost morale”

    Somerville’s dank memes

    Somerville JCR vote to attract attention to their JCR bulletin with the use of memes

    Interview: Peter Hitchens

    John Maier talks to Peter Hitchens about Theresa May, Christian Morality, and his late brother's work

    Memes, Trump and MLG

    William Shaw analyses the past, present and future of YouTube memes